Hi, JMOB here! I am going to give you a quick rundown of the services I have provided for clients on this page. But first, a little bit about me…

I am an ENTREPRENEUR. I’m addicted to starting and helping businesses grow!

I have taught over 200,000 people online marketing.

I have started multiple 6-figure per year businesses and managed ads for various 7/8-figure businesses.

I have created 1000’s of hours of video content.

Now I want to expand my reach… Let me help YOU grow your business with online marketing!


Amazon and eBay were some of my very first businesses… I did everything from flipping products via retail arbitrage, to private labeling and selling my own brands! I miss the good ol’ days of adding a product to Amazon and watching it sell. Now you need to have a specific strategy to position your product correctly on Amazon for maximized success! I’ve created multiple 6/7-figure per year Amazon seller central accounts for clients. Let me help you do the same with your product/brand!

amazon income

Look at our Amazon ACoS optimization results!

amazon ppc optimization report


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your business isn’t on Facebook or Instagram, you are missing out on targeting over 1 billion users! Once optimized correctly, Facebook and Instagram ads will give you some of the highest ROMI online. It is all about working customers down varying funnels that make sense for them in your sales process!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Wait… SEO still exists? YES! SEO is a MUST-HAVE strategy for online businesses more now than ever! My typical client is a business owner seeking that competitive edge by ranking in Google search results. These companies are smart and they know enough about marketing and SEO to be educated while hiring for these tasks. They know SEO has gotten a bad rap in recent years with Google algorithm updates. The only reason SEO has gotten a bad rap is because of the Black Hat SEO techniques used in the 90’s and early 2000’s. BUT what many don’t realize is that the White Hat SEO marketers (like myself) have road through these “storms” of Google algorithm updates without any issues!

SEO is now more important than ever! Why you ask? Paid traffic has grown so quickly and ads have unfortunately overpowered many search engines (up to 80% of some search results are ads), therefore the use of ad blocking software has increased by 48% equaling over 50 million people in the USA blocking paid ads from displaying (talk about a waste of ad spend money!) This is why we are continuing to have such great success with SEO, content creation, keyword optimization and more, with our clients! Yes, ads are an important part of diversifying your marketing, but organic rankings and SEO is #1 in my book!

My SEO services include getting your ON-SITE and OFF-SITE SEO in check! Here is an overview of what I manage for you:

Step 1. Website Analysis and Competitors Analysis:

First, we will analyze your website and check/fix errors on your website (like on page errors, website loading time, w3c validation, 404 errors, social media presence, numbers of backlinks, etc.) After that, we will check your competitor’s websites to discover what keywords they are targeting, etc.

Step 2. On-Page Optimization:

According to the Google algorithm, on page optimization is a must! It will not only increase the professionalism of your website, but it helps you achieve top organic results for your website!

The following are the methods which we will use in On-Page Optimization:
-URL Structure
-Meta Tags
-URL Canonicalization
-On page content
-Keyword Density
-Header Tags
-Image Alt Tags
-Website Crawlability
-Website Page Speed
-Website Load Time
-Google Analytics Test
-Social Media Check
-Web-page Cache
-Media Query Responsive Test
-Noindex Tag Checker

Step 3. Off-Page Optimization:

Off-page optimization is the process which increases the backlinks to your website. To rank your website, you must have natural backlinks. Links are the backbone of website organic ranking and following are the methods we use for creating natural backlinks:
-Search Engine Submission
-Directory Submission
-Article Submission
-Social Bookmarking
-Blog Comments
-Forum Postings
-Local listing
-Classified submission
-High blog PR post
-Web 2.0 submission
-Business listing
-Presentation sharing
-Social sharing

Step 4. Reporting:

Our reporting format will be all via Basecamp and SERPbook reporting, including:
-Monthly progress reports
-Keyword rank Tracking
-Goal and Milestone management
-Visualize your site’s progress

Step 5. Targeting + Content Creation:

I will target up to 30 keywords for your website, as well as write 2 x 500-word blog posts each month for you!


Google Ads are perfect for targeting HIGH INTENT users searching your exact product or service! Let us create and optimize your Google Ads for the lowest cost per conversion!

We practice what we preach:
Google ads management


With over 1,000 hours of online course videos created and over 100 hours of ad agency client commercial voice-over work, I have become a sought after voice for varying projects. Click here to give my voiceover demos a listen:


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