MailChimp vs ConvertKit

One of the first things I do for clients is set up their email marketing platform (usually MailChimp or ConvertKit). I’ve had clients that were writing customer email addresses down on sticky notes! This is a big NO NO… Always assume your business will be growing, so you want to put SYSTEMS in place as soon as possible to promote the growth and scalability of your business! According to, 91% of people check their email daily compared to only 57% checking Facebook (plus organic Facebook page reach is dropping by the day forcing more and more paid ads to reach your followers on Facebook). On top of this, 77% of people prefer marketing via email compared to under 10% for all social media channels! If you aren’t collecting email addresses and implementing an email marketing strategy for your business, YOU are missing out!

Now before I dive any deeper into email marketing, I want you to understand all the terms and practices I will be mentioning. Here is a FREE book I suggest you read first (it is short and to the point!), “The Complete Guide to Email Marketing“. Click the book image below to claim your FREE copy now:

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MailChimp vs ConvertKit

The most common question I get from students or clients about email marketing is “What email marketing platform should I use?” I have tried and tested nearly every email marketing platform… some are free and not great… some super expensive yet clunky. But my top two email marketing platforms always come back to MailChimp and ConvertKit (hence the MailChimp vs ConvertKit title of this page).

First, let’s talk MailChimp…

MailChimp offers three different plans—Forever Free (up to 2,000 subscribers free), Monthly, and Pay As You Go. Check out this helpful “Getting Started with MailChimp Guide“:

Now I personally outgrew MailChimp’s features fairly quickly. As I constantly tell my clients… ALWAYS assume your business will grow, so START with the correct systems in place! the minute After switching from MailChimp to ConvertKit, I not only had the ability to create multiple lead magnets, but I also created multiple rules/automation sequences to follow up with those subscribers based on their interests, which therefore INSTANTLY increased my converting/paying customers!

ConvertKit Free Trial

Start your email marketing off on the right platform. Try ConvertKit out as your email marketing platform for 14-days for FREE at: