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One of the first things I do for a client is research their KEYWORDS (using the software Long Tail Pro)! What is a keyword you ask? For our purposes, a keyword is simply a word (or multiple words) that you search for in Google.com… your goal is to RANK in Google search results for the keywords people are searching for, relevant to your brand! Let’s look at an example:

You may have found this webpage in Google search results for the keyword phrase “how to find long tail keywords“. There are many factors that go into how to rank for certain keywords in search engine results (specifically SEO), but the focus of this post is to help you FIND the keywords you should be creating content around in the first place!

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

So you may be wondering… why should I care if a keyword phrase is two words or ten words?  The more words there are in a keyword search phrase, the longer the TAIL of the keyword (i.e long tail keyword)… and typically longer keywords are EASIER to rank for in Google search. Plus long tail keywords equal better click/conversion rates. Think about it, which keyword search phrase do you think would have the higher click and conversion rate in Google search:

“buy size 12 mens camouflage vans shoes”


“mens shoes”

…the user search intent is CRYSTAL clear with the first “long tail keyword”. This is someone looking to buy a size 12, mens, camouflage, pair of Vans shoes! Talk about laser focus! So if you appear in Google search for that keyword phrase, you will drastically increase your chances of getting clicks.

Now the catch with long tail keywords is that the LONGER the keyword, typically the LOWER the search volume. But I would rather rank for long tail keywords with low search volume, then generic, unfocused, short keywords that may not be my customer at all! Not only that, short keywords (1-2 word search phrases) are VERY hard to rank for (why do you think you see huge corporations ranking in the top spots… Search Engine Optimization for difficult keywords isn’t cheap!)

So how do I find long tail keywords? I personally use and highly recommend the software LongTailPro!

LongTailPro Review and Tutorial

I have used EVERY keyword research tool on the market… Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Market Samurai, Moz, Keyword Tool.io, SpyFu, KW Finder… the list goes on and on! What I love about LongTailPro though is their simple to understand user interface, paired with their propriety KEYWORD COMPETITIVENESS (KC) metric which helps me decide which keywords I want to rank a website for quickly and which keywords will take more time/effort to rank for.

STEP 1: Simply select your country and language, type in your initial keyword, and click the Find Keywords button!

longtailpro long tail pro review

Photo Credit: LongTailPro.com

STEP 2: Add Seed Keywords to your Long Tail Pro project and click RETRIEVE! From there you can click the column header “Avg. KC” to sort by my favorite metric, Keyword Competitiveness. I am seeking a target Keyword Competitiveness score of UNDER 30. I find ranking for these keywords the fastest and easiest!

longtailpro long tail pro review seed keywords

Long Tail Pro Free Trial

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